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case studies

We provide expert coaching, consulting and follow up measurement to ensure change sticks, to clients ranging from early-stage companies to Fortune 15 market-leading global corporations. The work we do has a dramatic positive impact on the company. To illustrate how we assist our clients, please see the summaries below. You can click the client name for a one to two page description of the engagement.

Case Studies

MedSource Technologies

MedSource Technologies, now acquired by Accellent, was a rapidly growing publicly-traded company headquartered in Minneapolis. Needing to accelerate the professional development of the top forty leaders, we provided leadership assessments, individual executive coaching, top team coaching and Chuck provided keynote leadership speech at the company’s annual officer meeting. Following our engagement, MedSource won the Minnesota Business Ethics Award.

National Ecological Observatory Network

National Ecological Observatory Network, a non-profit based in Boulder, was founded to build and manage the world’s first ecological observatory. A $400 million start up, NEON’s success depends on the team’s functioning at an extraordinary level. Chuck conducted a series of strategic and team alignment sessions to develop vision/mission and values, create a strategic plan, clarify roles/responsibilities for top 20 leaders and provide leadership assessments and individual coaching.

Opus Group

Opus Group is a $2.8 billion privately-held commercial real estate and development firm headquartered in Minneapolis. The company’s rapid growth necessitated building a strong leadership team. Provided keynote leadership speech at annual officer meeting, provided leadership assessments to the top 70 leaders, provided executive coaching to CEO and other top leaders. Produced and developed four webcasts on leadership topics.

Sorin Group

Sorin Group is a $1 billion Milan-headquartered medical technology company. The Vancouver, British Columbia tissue valve manufacturing facility needed to improve productivity and prepare for FDA approval. Chuck provided individual and team coaching to the General Manager and his team, aligning the team, successfully preparing for the growth anticipated with FDA approval and a successful US product launch.

Tanox Inc

Tanox Inc, now acquired by Genentech, was a publicly-traded Houston-based biotech company. To accelerate the development of the executive committee and build the capabilities of the extended management team, Chuck was hired by the Board of Directors to provide individual executive and team coaching to the CEO and her team.


UltraShape, a rapidly growing medtech company headquartered in Haifa, Israel, needed to prepare its management team for FDA approval of their product and a potential IPO. The CEO, having worked with Chuck to build the capabilities of two previous leadership teams, hired Chuck to assist the top team of eight executives from the US and Israel align and prepare to perform. Assessments, individual coaching and team coaching was provided to the management team.