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Americans Are Failing at Happiness: GenX Women and Boomer Women Are Most Dissatisfied Good News Is that 40% of Happiness Factors Can Be Reinvented

MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 6, 2017 — The State of Our Happiness Report for 2017 shows Americans are getting a failing grade.

“Happiness in the US is on the decline. Overall, happiness is equivalent to a D+ in school,” said Chuck Bolton, the author of the study who is a reinvention coach for executives and top teams.  Fortunately, anyone can program himself or herself to be happy, if they follow the right steps.

In a recently released study, “The State of Our Happiness in 2017,” 1,461 people who took an online assessment ranked their happiness a 69% on a scale of 1-100. Assessing the 8 most important areas of life, people are most happy with family (77%) and least happy about their health and fitness (64%) and significant other (65%).  Unhappiness with money wasn’t far behind (66%).

Among the report’s key findings:

  • The biggest “bomb” was how dissatisfied women are with their partners or significant others. Sadly, this gap appears to grow as we age – a drop off of 15 points (71% to 56%).
  • The other sizable gap was happiness with money. Men were 7 points higher than women. This may be explained by the widely reported finding that even in 2016, men are the happier sex. They scored higher in happiness than women at 71% to 69%.
  • Among generational groups, Millennials were happiest at 75%. Baby Boomers followed at 69% with GenXers came last at 65%.
  • Among all respondents, Millennial females and males were tied as happiest at 75%. GenX females were least happy at 65%.

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 The full results of the study are available in Bolton’s newly released book, ““Reinvent Your Happiness: Five Steps to Your Best Self in 2017.” On launch day, the book was ranked #1 Hot New Release on Amazon in Coaching and Mentoring category. To get the print or Kindle book, go to Amazon.


“What the study confirms is we tolerate low levels of happiness. We’ve got a big problem that needs to be fixed,” said Bolton. “Happiness is our birthright. It’s time to reclaim it.  We know that being happy doesn’t just make us feel better and be nicer to be around, but happiness drives success, creativity and productivity. Being happier is critical to being our best selves.  Think about the price you pay when you aren’t as happy as you could be?”

Once we know our happiness levels we need to discover how to improve them.

The good news is that everyone can reinvent their own happiness. 40% of our happiness is programmable by our voluntary activities – not subject to genetics or by circumstances,” he said.  The mind-sets, new beliefs, skills and habits can positively shape our happiness and overcome what is holding us back. His new book, Reinvent Your Happiness: Five Steps to Your Best Self in 2017, shows how to do this with the Reinvention Game Plan, a step-by-step template.

“Of course, everyone is different and has their own needs. That’s why The Happiness Reinvention Game Plan can help an individual create a customized plan for getting happier,” he said.

“Like anything worthwhile, it requires work. I call it Happiness Work on your way to a Happiness Reinvention. The book provides a holistic, step-by-step map for becoming a happier person. Your Happiness Work may be the most rewarding effort you’ve ever exerted,” he said.

About Chuck Bolton

Two-time Amazon bestselling author Chuck Bolton shows CEOs and senior leaders how to reinvent themselves in a disruptive, crazy busy world so they can achieve happiness, success and maximum impact.

He’s the president of The Bolton Group LLC, an executive development firm headquartered in Minneapolis. He helps clients reinvent how they lead, become exceptional leaders and achieve remarkable results. He shows top executive teams how to reinvent themselves so they can perform, create great value and win.

Chuck has coached and consulted more than 1,000 executives and assessed over 100 top teams in US, Canada, Europe and Israel. Several clients are award winners including: a CEO who is co-winner of the Nobel prize; a senior vice president who was Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal’s “Woman of the Year” in commercial real estate and a CEO named the Ernst and Young “Entrepreneur of the Year.”

He’s spoken at Harvard Business School and works with leaders at Abbott, Baxter, Boston Scientific, Cantel Medical, CR Bard, Hewlett-Packard, Medtronic, Optum, Quintiles, UnitedHealthcare and many more.

Chuck loves inspiring others to reinvent themselves so they can become their best and make a difference in the world.

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Chuck Bolton


Which Pain Will You Choose? The Pain of Discipline or Regret?

In The Reinvented Leader, author Chuck Bolton shares the wisdom and tools he has developed from working with more than 1,000 executives and 100 top leadership teams. Like Pat Lencioni and Ram Charan, Bolton sees patterns while working across many organizations and industries. He has become adept at recognizing patterns that are a multiplier for productivity and career development, as well as patterns that are destructive. Pros like Bolton are invaluable since they bring essential learnings and proven tools to accelerate change and positive growth to individuals and organizations.
In this book, Bolton focuses on the five critical steps to becoming your best, all you can be. These include mindset, energy, robust relationships, the right stuff, and training vs trying.But before Bolton gets into each of these five steps, he challenges the reader by asking the question, “Why Reinvention?” And he responds with two very provocative quotes:

  • “Which pain will you choose? The pain of discipline or the pain of regret? It’s not just for you. What will you do with your life that will last forever? It’s your time.” —Jim Rohn
  • “People who cannot invent and reinvent themselves must be content with borrowed postures, secondhand ideas, fitting-in instead of standing out.” —Warren Bennis

Reinvention is to consciously transform how you operate, connect and lead so you can stay relevant, energized and create maximum value in whatever you choose to do. To do this, consider your:

  • Mindset – Bolton challenges the reader with fundamental questions: What are your beliefs? Are they limiting or empowering? What is your “why”?
  • Energy, then time – Are you harnessing your energy which springs from four sources—spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical? Leaders take care of their own energy and help boost the energy of those around them. Energy is key to concentration, clarity, creativity, and thought-ful decision-making. Bolton provides tips and solutions for evaluating your routine and for increasing your energy.
  • Robust relationships – Who are the people critical to your success? How do you nurture these relationships, and those of people who are less critical? Do you have a people plan? How do you connect, show empathy, generosity, intimacy and yes, vulnerability?

“Emotional distance is growing today and critical relationships are becoming fewer and more fragile,” writes Bolton. He offers seven ways to increase your relationship capital (the W-5, the 90-second rule, and more)

  • The Right Stuff – What is your story? Are you a life-long learner? Do you get feedback? Give feedback? What do leaders view as the “right stuff” required for the 21st century?  Inspirational leadership, exceptional team-building, unimpeachable integrity, clear communication, compelling vision, customer obsession. Where do you need to grow?
  • Training versus Trying – Knowledge does not equal change. We overestimate what we can do by trying and we underestimate what we can do by training. Are you in training? Do you have deliberate practices for creating new habits, building new skills? Transformation comes with disciplined training.

The Reinvented Leader is a call to action for developing our leadership potential. Today, the world is begging for trust-based inspirational leadership. The need is great since we are suffering from mediocrity in leadership.

Whether we realize it or not, we are all leaders. This book is for everyone. Reinvent and reach your leadership potential. It will make you unstoppable and willgive you a competitive advantage in whatever you do.

Don’t judge this book superficially. Read it. The Reinvented Leader was not published by a major publishing house. But don’t let that fool you as it is better than most books released by major publishing houses.

I highly recommend this book. It is filled with great content and the author also provides numerous links to helpful web-based information, some of which he created.

BOOK REVIEW: The Reinvented Leader: Five Critical Steps to Becoming Your Best, by Chuck Bolton (Paperback) BY THOMAS M. LOARIE, as reviewed by The Catholic Business Journal on April 14, 2015.




Thomas M. Loarie is a seasoned and pioneering CEO in the medical device field and a senior columnist and editorial advisor for Catholic Business Journal. For a more robust bio click here: .