Individual Executive Coaching for

CEOs, C-Suite and Senior Leaders

As your coach, I’m your trusted advisor, your secret weapon, your corner man. Your competitive advantage. Your guide to become the hero of your story. To help you become even more successful.

Working together we create a coaching engagement that is personalized, hand-crafted, and designed to address your biggest opportunities and needs. We’ll discuss and you will define what success looks like for you, in your terms. Your biggest opportunities to pursue. Your biggest problems to fix.

Together, we’ll identify and agree on your “jobs-to-be-done.” In other words, what needs to happen for our work together to create outstanding success for you. Some examples of jobs-to-be-done clients frequently ask for assistance on include:

  • Help me prepare for the CEO job (or other big job);
  • Help me lead with purpose and authenticity, while creating massive value;
  • Help me become more inspiring, persuasive and influential;
  • Help me learn and use storytelling to capture hearts, minds and move people to action;
  • Help me become more productive and create a greater impact;
  • Help me build my brand and become more promotable and marketable;
  • Help me show others how to discover their purpose and work with greater passion and inspiration;
  • Help me create more value so I can be more influential and recognized and rewarded commensurately;
  • Help me align my team around a big growth or change initiative and perform;
  • Help me learn, grow and reinvent so I can stay relevant, thrive and operate at my highest level;
  • Help me get my juice back, to regain purpose and passion from my work;

I bring you insight. I bring a unique set of capabilities and expertise that will be advantageous as your coach and trusted advisor. One of my clients calls me his “Swiss army knife of life and business.” These capabilities include: leadership and executive development, top team development, organization development, executive branding, storytelling, bestseller book writing and promotion, productivity, leading change, reinvention expertise, leading in a hyper-growth environment, strategy development, disruptive strategy, digital strategy, mergers and acquisitions and relationships with board members.

I bring you a “network effect” that is unparalleled, with forty years of experience as an executive and coach, focused solely on the medical device, life sciences and healthcare sectors. This allows me to quickly grasp your opportunities and problems, offer industry-specific guidance and make introductions that you will find invaluable.

We’ll discuss the threats that could get in the way of your desired success. I’ll seek to understand and won’t judge you. Together, we’ll create a coaching plan and process for you that keeps you motivated, making progress and accountable.  If you are committed and diligent, you will create impact and massive value.  The hero of your story. You’ll be “WOW-ed!” That’s my promise!

CEO and Business Unit Presidents

Business Growth Services

The CEO’s job is to create impact and massive value. You are your company’s single biggest value creator.You have to be the architect of your company and of value creation.

  • Is your company growing as fast as it must?
  • Is your company as valuable as it deserves to be, as it must be?
  • What’s the price you pay if your business isn’t growing like it should?
  • What is the price you pay if you aren’t maximizing value as you should?
  • If your company isn’t growing in value, you are losing. Are you winning or losing?

Rarely is strategy alone enough to win. You shape your company – it’s strategy, structure, capabilities and culture – as a tool for realizing your value agenda.  There are three ways to accelerate value: 1. Run company better; 2. Reduce costs; 3. Accelerate growth. Today, growth is the game.

Implementing a Strategic Blueprint Session and an OKR system can be powerful tools in gaining alignment, raising the engagement and performance of your team and company, creating impact and accelerating value.

Strategic Blueprint Session

A “How high is up?” visioning session for the top team to create a plan for how the company can achieve its full potential.  What is the current state? What is the desired future state? How do you close the gap? What’s the role of disruption and digitization? Using the 7S framework, with the CEO and top team, a “strategic blueprint” is created to serve as a game plan for achieving the desired future state.

Objectives and Key Results (OKR) System

As profiled in the book, Reinvent Your Impact: Unleash Purpose, Passion and Productivity to Thrive, the OKR system ties together strategy, execution, people, culture and results to accelerate growth. It is a collaborative goal-setting protocol for companies, teams and individuals. It serves as an “operating system” so people can move fast and deliver value. At its essence, OKRs drive clarity, accountability and the uninhibited pursuit of greatness.

Imagine if your company became 20%, 30%, 100% more productive?  It’s entirely possible. What would be the impact? As your coach, I show CEOs and division presidents how to reimagine and reinvent their companies to make them more productive, grow faster and become more valuable for all stakeholders.  I’ll show you how to implement an OKR system within your company so your company can create impact and massive value.