Individual Executive Coaching for

CEOs and Senior Leaders

As your coach, I’m your trusted advisor, your secret weapon, your corner man. Your competitive advantage. Your guide to become the hero of your story. To help you become even more successful.

As CEO, your job is to create great value. Every CEO has six key responsibilities they must embrace. Exceptional CEOs think and act differently as to how they carry out their responsibilities.  They possess empowering mindsets and deploy practices that lead to exceptional performance, validated as the ones most predictive of CEO success. These mindsets can learned, applied, and mastered.

Achieve outstanding success as a CEO or senior leader

Working together we create a coaching engagement that is personalized, hand-crafted, and designed to address your biggest opportunities and needs. We’ll discuss and you will define what success looks like for you, in your terms. Your biggest opportunities to pursue. Your biggest problems to fix. We’ll create a success plan.

Together, we’ll identify and agree on your “jobs-to-be-done.” In other words, what needs to happen for our work together to create outstanding success for you.

I bring you insight. I bring a unique set of capabilities and expertise that will be advantageous as your coach and trusted advisor. One of my clients calls me his “Swiss army knife of life and business.” These capabilities include: leadership and CEO development, top team development, organization development, executive branding, productivity, leading change, reinvention, leading in a hyper-growth environment, storytelling, strategy development, M&A and integrations, relationships with board members and bestseller book writing, publishing and promotion.

I bring you a “network effect” that is unparalleled, with forty years of experience as an executive and coach, focused solely on the medical device, life sciences and healthcare sectors. This allows me to quickly grasp your opportunities and problems, offer industry-specific guidance and make introductions that you will find invaluable.

We’ll discuss the threats that could get in the way of your desired success. I’ll seek to understand and won’t judge you. Together, we’ll create a success plan and process for you that keeps you motivated, making progress and accountable.  If you are committed and diligent, you will create impact and massive value.  The hero of your story. You’ll be “WOW-ed!” That’s my promise!

Top Team Coaching to Pave the Way for Value Creation

As CEO, your job is to create great value for your stakeholders. Your top team is your biggest lever for value creation. Building your top team is one of your most important tasks.

To make your company more productive and grow, you need an executive leadership team of “A” players who function together at a high level. Yet the harsh reality is many top teams are often not teams at all, but a loose collection of bright, energetic, strong-willed executives who report to the CEO, but work individually – sometimes at cross purposes.

The findings from studies on top team performance are alarming. Consider the following:

  • Only 20 percent of CEOs rate their top teams “high-performing.”
  • Trust is an issue in over 65 percent of top teams.
  • According to the 2023 Leadership Confidence Index, the confidence level CEOs have in their executive teams dropped 7.1 percent in the past eighteen months.

These statistics are disturbing, because the need for top team performance in today’s disruptive, post-pandemic world is higher than ever. Unfortunately, with most top teams, there is an enormous performance gap. How about yours?

Three costly mistakes CEOs make with their team are:

  1. Failure to Create Clarity. A Harvard Business Review article reported only 28% of executives responsible for executing strategy could list three of their company’s key objectives? How about your company? Grounded in your company’s purpose, mission, vision and values, do you have intense alignment around your vital growth initiatives? Are you executing on these initiatives with excellence?
  1. Failure to Shape Positive Team Dynamics. Great CEOs are obsessed with the psychology and performance of their top teams. The dynamics of the top team can make or break a company. Investors understand this, too, as they believe the quality of the top team is the single most important non-financial factor in evaluating a new IPO. When a top team works together with a shared vision and supportive behaviors, the company is twice as likely to have above median financial performance. How are your team’s dynamics?
  1. Failure to Perform and Transform. It’s not good enough for the team to focus on today’s business performance. The team also needs to be focused on transforming the business for tomorrow. You must win today’s race while running tomorrow’s race, too.

Together, we will enhance your top team’s capabilities at the individual and team levels while building trust and commitment. Whether your team is new, is struggling, or needs to step up its performance to a new level, through tailored team advance sessions, your team’s collective performance will be lifted dramatically.

Optimizing your top team is essential for creating an enterprise of great value.  A powerfully performing top team helps your company thrive in today’s complex world – the competitive advantage that cannot be duplicated. Let’s shape your team into one that creates massive value.