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What’s The Best City in the US for a Medtech Hub?

Here’s What ChatGPT Recommends … In a recent Executive AI Bootcamp, our group of 25 CEOs discovered how to use Gen AI to enhance their strategic capabilities. We chose a use case of  selecting the best SMSA to locate a research and development center for a respiratory products medtech company, backed by private equity, that […]

Narratives of Tomorrow: Merging AI with the Art of Storytelling

Are You Leveraging AI to Tell Your Leadership Stories? In our Executive AI Bootcamp, a cohort of twenty-five CEOs has gathered weekly every Thursday in February for a fast-paced hour of learning, featuring guest speakers and interactive Q&A. In last week’s session, we delved into “AI for Teams,” uncovering strategies to enhance productivity and the […]

The Starting Gun Has Fired…

There will be CEOs who are winners and losers. What about you? The sprint has begun. If you’re not moving, you’re already falling behind. For CEOs, the time to act is now. Gen AI is on the brink of transforming every industry, every company, and every knowledge worker’s role – including yours, CEO. Leaders with […]

The Winds of Change are Blowing

Develop Your Gen AI Strategy Now or Risk Falling Behind Generative AI is the most important technological development in our lifetime. This is the year when businesses must harness the power of Gen AI or risk obsolescence. The writing is on the wall. The recent EY CEO Outlook finds 62% of CEOs see an urgent […]

Here’s Why Smart CEOs are Embracing Gen AI

Twelve months after the launch of generative AI large language model ChatGPT, one thing is certain. Gen AI has been widely accepted and adopted, being the on-ramp for tens of millions who seek an intelligent partner who can generate and synthesize text, code, audio, video and images. Think of it as a smart teammate who […]

GenAI and Medtech CEOs: What I’ve Learned

To Thrive in An AI-World, Leaders Must Master New Skills to Be More Productive, Creative and Strategic  It’s been one year today since ChatGPT launched and brought generative AI into the mainstream. In just five days, over one million people tried ChatGPT – it took Twitter two years to hit that milestone. And in 2023, […]